Kia Xceed Vs. Other Ceed models

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The all-new Kia Xceed is yet another great looking Kia. But also another great looking Ceed model for Europe.
Next, to the regular hatchback and the ProCeed models, you can tell this is one good looking car family.
And also, something we should be getting in the US. On top of the regular, and quite boring, Kia Forte. (now just a sedan version of the Ceed)
I know the Xceed space in the US line up will pretty much be taken by the upcoming Seltos. And least as the price is concerned.
Which is too bad. We get the square stuff and Europe gets the sleek sportier looking designs…

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  1. the new Xceed Crossover is a very nice design and will be a hit for Kia. I do wonder how this is loved and the first gen Infiniti EX/QX50 was hated when their designs look so similar, especially the side/rear profiles. Perhaps people just expected different back when the EX came out v.s. now, as tastes and more importantly the popularity of small CUVs has risen.

    Looks like Infiniti was ahead of the curve, but just didn't get the credit it deserved.

  2. The XCeed is much better looking than the Seltos. I think Kia should bring the XCeed to the US as the Forte Cross Coupe. It would definitely fill an untapped niche in Kia’s lineup.

    I think the ProCeed is cool, but I don’t think it would make much of an impact in the US market.

    There is no need for Kia to offer the Ceed 5-door or Ceed Sportwagon in the US as they would be entries in dying segments.

  3. I drive a ProCeed in UK. If the CLA tourer is selling poorly it won’t work in US. It is a great car and very stylish.
    I would love to see the Forte over here to create a family of cars to compete with lower end Merc A class.
    Have the Forte and ProCeed, with the XCeed and Ceed hatch, letting the SW go as not needed.

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