More pictures of the all new 2021 Buick Encore GX

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These are pictures of the Chinese version of the all-new Buick Encore GX.
But, as we have seen before, the US and Chinese versions will be almost exactly the same car.

Everything looks fine inside. A very nice update on the current Encore.
As mentioned previously, the new GX model sits above the “regular” Encore, and bellow the Envision.
( I actually think this will be much more popular than the Envision)

This could be a real hit for Buick.

But, as nice as it is, there is really nothing new here. The interior is modern. For now.
There is no elictrification of any kind available.

I think cars/crossovers like the 2020 Ford Escape are way ahead of this.

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  1. Inside is quite elegant space but too small display and no digital cluster. Technically it is like old model. Nothing realy new and original. Its mean that it is quite outdated.

  2. A nicely detailed interior, including the steering wheel hub. Now lets see it without black. Yeah, right.

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