2020 Acura TLX: good news!

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It looks like the production model will look a lot like the concep[t we just saw.
Which is great news. Let’s hope the rest of the cars, details, etc… look as good as the concept.
So far, at least the proportions look almost exactly the same.

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  1. The concept was very promising, i hope Acura doesn't pull a Subaru on us. At least the proportions already look better than the current TLX. It has a nice dash-to-axle ratio for a FWD car (not as good as a Volvo, but still…).

  2. The real images are already out, from that leaked RDX infotainment graphics. Same car, smaller wheels, higher stance, add mirrors and door handles. The normal Honda way…with an identical interior to an RDX.

  3. Thankfully they made a smart move and made the ugly diamond grille less pronounced with the bigger and lower addition.

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