2020 Ford Taurus

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This, of course, is the Chinese market Taurus.
And not an all-new car since it came out back in 2016. Just a few mid-cycle changes for the new year.
For a market where large sedans are still popular.

I think Ford did quite a good job for the slight update.
This is still a good looking car with a simple classy design.
Unlike the Avalon which took a turn into the Twilight Zone with the current generation…

Inside, the main update is the huge vertical screen.
(Bottom pic is the current version)
Just like what they did with the Chinese version of the Ford Edge.
It is still a nice, clean interior.
The huge screen makes it look even simpler. Maybe too much so?

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  1. Heard rumors that the U.S. 2020 will not get the big vertical infotainment screen but only the 10” found in the upper trim Explorers.

  2. I find it hilarious that the current (old) Taurus is STILL for sale in the US.

    My question is if the Continental will receive updates or be shown the coffin.

  3. The Chinese Taurus is an extended wheelbase version of the Fusion/Mondeo, whereas our Taurus is an extensive redesign of the Five Hundred, which was built on the Volvo p2 platform.

    @FusioptimaSX: the current NA Taurus debuted in 2010, but if you factor in the Five Hundred it's been around since 2005!

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