2020 Genesis G80 Illustrations

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Although these are not official, they seem very close to the real thing.
And do match all spy shots we have seen of the real thing so far.
The rear end does appear a bit droopy. Kind of like the new Hyundai Sonata from some angles.
This is another design that should really be a hatchback. Which would make a fantastic (and a lot cheaper) competition to the Audi A7.
otherwise, this will just be yet another mid-sized luxury sedan…
This is scheduled to come out before the GV80 SUV. Which is, again, a big mistake.
Since they already have 2 sedans in an SUV market. And no SUV yet…
Although this will change fast since they have already been testing a smaller GV70 as well as a larger GV90 model.
You can check interior pictures of the 2020 Genesis G80 HERE. 

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  1. My only issue with this otherwise gorgeous sedan is that the design language is a little too similar to the new Hyundai Sonata.. not a great way to differentiate your new brand.

  2. Is this not a competitor for the Merc CLS?
    Think that the 3 Hyundai brands, (including KIA) will eventually focus on each of the German brands in turn – KIA as ‘accessible’ BMWs, Hyundai squarely at AUDI, and Genesis at Mercedes.
    The aim is to catch all the sub premium and premium market, the only thing missing is the ultra luxury and hyper sports brands, but they are not really big markets.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyundai didn’t take a stake in Ssanyong and make them the ‘base’ brand as well.

  3. This is spot on the new G80. Say it in person a few months ago and was equally as disappointing. They took the sexy, muscular, yet the low key design of the current G80 (mainly the Sport) and Frankenstein'd other companies designs. Just Wait until shots of the gear selector come out 🙄

  4. Looking forward to seeing this. I also hope they are smart enough to incorporate a hatch in the design. Going to be a very competitive car.

  5. Looks like something Infiniti would release. Hatchback would help sell the G80 against it competitors and steal some sales from crossover buyers too.

  6. I;m really not a fan of this design direction. I favor the current G80 design. But most importantly, where IS the GV80 and GV70???

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