2020 VW Golf

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These were obviously taken during an advertising photoshoot for the car.
And for the first time, we get to see the all-new Golf without any camouflage.
And of course, even though itis all-new, it looks a lot like the current one.
Which is a VW tradition I guess?
At least the interior will look nothing like the current model. (HERE) With a couple of large LED screens.
Apparently, VW has decided not to send the next Golf to the US. (idiots…)
But the next GTI is still scheduled to come over here.

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  1. VW has been operating in the US for at least 60 years and they still can't figure how what American buyers like.

  2. Can’t wait for it’s October reveal. I feel like the remaining parts of 2019 will be eventful in the industry.

  3. Am I missing something? The Golf exterior looks almost identical to the existing Golf and the previous model before that!

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