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Something I wasn’t expecting at all: A new Buick Enclave.
Since it only came out in 2017. 
Unless this new one is only for the Chinese market? 
Not sure why GM would go through the expense of having 2 distinct Enclave models…
No matter what it is, I don’t think this new design is better than what we have now.
Especially with that weird looking black plastic ( is it a window?) on the D-pillar.
Which is reminiscent of the Jaguar KJ. At least on this picture.
The current Enclave is one great SUV. I think it looks and drives great.
I would hate t see GM mess it up.
But wait, there is more…

These new spy shots came out today and they are supposed to be of an all-new large 7 seater Opel SUV for Europe.
It is said to share a Peugeot platform. (of course)
But it looks exactly like the new Enclave photos I just posted above. Exactly! So what is this really?
– A new Opel (But Peugelot designed) that GM will be selling as a smaller Enclave in China?
– A leftover older Opel design from the “old” GM days?
– Just the next Enclave testing in Europe for some weird reason? (And not an Opel at all)
What do you think this is???

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  1. This looks like the new Buick Envoy that will slot into the mid-size space between the compact Envision and the full-size Enclave.

    This mid-size Buick Envoy will seat 7 passengers in a tidier package than the full-size Enclave. The Envoy also has a sister in the Chevy Blazer "FNR" that's also been spotted prototype testing as well. I'm not sure what name the Chevy version will get but there is a 7-seater Chevy concept from last year named FNR that was a preview.

    By the way, the Encore / Encore GX you mentioned is a subcompact model and not related in any way to this mid-size Buick Envoy prototype.

  2. I got an Enclave as a rental recently after the company ran out of regular sedans. It was nice inside and very smooth but it was just as boring to drive and to look at as my granddad's '90s LeSabre. And these things are not cheap. Can't imagine anyone buying an Enclave unless you were 70+ years old and you wanted room for your grandkids.

  3. If you take a closer look at the sheemmetal, it's different. My first impression was "Oh no! GM screwed it up!" but I think this is a completely different vehicle that just happens to highly favor the design of the Enclave. I don't think GM pulled an Audi A4 with slightly modified sheetmetal on the body for a MCE.

  4. It doesn't make zero sense. The Enclave is the last US designed US focused model left in the Buick lineup, and exporting a super large V6 powered crossover to China makes no sense.Maybe it's easier to buy Opels and rebadge them as Buicks than to make our Enclave more China appropriate.

  5. I have owned a 2014 and a 2016. I live in a very snowy place. This is the best car in the snow I have ever owned or driven. It has a low center of Gravity and a very good AWD drive train.

  6. That spy photo is the envision gx. The 7 seat version of the new envision. Strange how they are doing the gx for both the encore and envision. Seems entirely redundant.

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