Acura Type-S Concept

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Another thing we will see at the Monterey Car week: a new sports sedan concept called the Type S.
Just like “the old days”. Back when the sporty version of Acura models were labeled “Type S”.

Which is strange since now the sportier option package is called “A-Spec”.
And they just released a limited sportier edition of the TLX sedan called PMC Edition.

I guess they might just go back to Type S in future models.

No matter what, this does not look like a version of the current TLX sedan. These LED tail lights look really cool and modern.
It could be a concept preview of Acura’s next sedan (rumored to be called “Legend” again) we previously discussed HERE.

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  1. A-spec is just an appearance package. TypeS was a performance upgrade including engine and suspension.

  2. Looking forward to this, but can't help but feel like it could be a huge disappointment, especially given Acura's recent history. Hope they can finally get back to their roots.

  3. That rear view actually looks really promising though. Hopefully that is the view it's competition will see.

  4. I can sense 4 tail pipes, kind of lame, and i hope the horsepower is in the high 300s, otherwise it will be another bark without the bite.

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