Acura Type-S Concept

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The Acura Type-S concept is a preview of a brand new sedan that will replace the current TLX next year.
And yes, there are still rumors floating around about Acura using the “Legend” name again…

While similar, it is a much more dynamic and modern looking car than the current TLX. (red car)
The proportions are also much nicer and sportier.
This would be, of course, the sportier Type-S version. Probably powered by Acura’s upcoming new V6 Turbo.

Let’s hope Acura is successful with this. Even though the segment is shrinking, there are still new models coming up. Like the all-new 2020 Genesis G80. Even Infiniti is working on a new sedan.

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  1. It looks nice, although the front looks like it has been beaten up. At this point, every new vehicle should be at minimum hybrid, without worrying to max MPG. Plug-in hybrid would be even better.

  2. An improvement over Acura's current offerings, but not by much. Too bad about the ungainly FWD proportions.

  3. Honda has been clawing itself back into contention since 2016, and this is hard evidence that Acura may not be far behind.I am really excited to see what the finished product will bring. This could replace the 2004-2008 Acura TL as my favorite Acura sedan if the execution is solid.

  4. Let's hope it's going to come with a manual option; otherwise, it's going to become another "poser" car.

  5. Hopefully, once it has real windows and door pillars, production lights, mirrors, and wheels it will still look good with the same presence as the concept.

  6. The new Type S Concept is better then the current TLX but not so much that I would go to the Acura dealer and look at it in person. It looks “old” already! Ugh!

  7. I really don't think a manual will be an option. As everyone else is phasing them out. Even BMW…

    Sports cars don't even have a manual anymore.

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