New Honda Breeze.

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The Breeze is a CR-V based SUV targeted at various Asian markets.
Not sure it is is more expensive than the regular HR-V or not.
Or if it just replaces it in some markets.

The CR-V is due for a facelift very soon. And this design looks like it could work as a CR-V mid-cycle refresh.
I guess this is the car pictured HERE.

But other spy pictures of prototypes show very small changes for the refreshed CR-V in the US.
So, although this looks a lot like our Honda Accord up front, this might not be the one for us…

Or is it? Should it be?

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  1. The Breeze wheel look like 21”, massive! I hope the U.S. CR-V gets a more powerful powertrain like the 2.0T in the Accord!

  2. Our crv is much better looking than this Breeze (conjurs up horrid Plymouth memories.. ugh). If our crv is updated to look anything like this, that would be a huge step backwards.

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