2020 Honda CR-V: Hybrid coming to the US!

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 Mostly small changes outside for the 2020 Honda CR-V.
It looks like they toned down the chrome up front. Which is nice. (Black car is the current model)

Basically, except current owners, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Same thing inside. Where it looks like the electronic shifter (hybrid) and redesigned center console bin are the only changes. 
The gigger news are under the hood.
Where the base model is now powered by the 1.5 Liter Turbo and a CVT. (Just like all other versions)
The big news for 2020 is the availablilty (early 2020) of the all new Hybrid version.
(which has been available for a while in Europe)
It uses a similar powertrain as the one in the wonderful Accord Hybrid (test drive HERE)
The Accord Hybrid is a great driving car. Rated at an amazing 48MPG. 
While I got an even better 50MPG average during the week I was driving it.
No figures has been released for the CR-V Hybrid, but I would think it could be pretty easy to get well over 40MPG on average.
Which would make it a compelling choice.
Honda Hyprid pricing is also quite amazing. As the Accord Hybrid is only about $1500 more than the regular 1.5 Liter model.
If priced similarly, this would mean a sub $27 000 starting price for the CR-V Hybrid.
Which is a bit less than the Hybrid RAV-4. 
The CR-V Hybrid will also be right on time to compete with the all new Ford Escape Hybrid.

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  1. Honda U.S.A. has finally going to bring over the CR-V Hybrid! These top management at Honda U.S.A. are a bunch of dummies after all. EU, the CR-V not selling like it is in North America. I hope it get a more refined ride then the CVT 1.5T CR-V which has high pitch noise when accelerating and no sound insulation on rough road surfaces. Overall, I buy one, the CR-V Touring Hybrid if the 0-60 time is under 8 seconds!

  2. Found out after watching a hour long detail review by a German car reviewer that the CR-V hybrid uses a different technique then conventional hybrids. Honda CRV hybrid uses the gas engine to power a generator and that generator powers the rear electric motor. The battery is very small, about size of a suitcase size that is use for accelerating and low speed driving. I am going past on this CR-V hybrid. It is continuously switching from electric to gas modes depending on speed and braking. Ugh! Not foe me!

  3. "It seems like only the internet thinks or cares that Honda's are ugly…"

    That's because the internet commentators know better and all drive Ferraris. No?

  4. I like the subtle changes Honda made to the exterior. It made an already attractive vehicle look even better.

  5. I don't have a CR-V and have never closely looked at one, but I see a lot of changes.

  6. It seems like only the internet thinks or cares that Honda's are ugly. This alternates between the #1 and #2 best selling CUV on the market. Why the hell would Honda mess too much with the way it looks? 300,000+ people think it looks good enough to buy each year.

    I don't find anything on the current model to be ugly personally. It's starting to age, but has done so gracefully at least. They're slowly de-chromeing everything now, which is nice. Looks just as modern as a RAV4, we're just so used to seeing them that they get old. But the design elements themselves are still contemporary.

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