2020 Nissan Patrol/2021 Nissan Armada

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As I mentioned in a previous post, this is basically the same truck we have now.
With  revised rear and front ends ends. And a new console. As the interior also seems mostly the same. 
(looking like a cheap Las Vegas Suite on this picture)
The US will have to wait a bit to see this as the 2021 Armada since the 2020 model (unchanged frm 2019) just came out.
I am nost sure these futuristic looking headlight belong on that old design. (from 2010) But I guess Nissan thinks it might give them a few years before they need an all new one. Why not…

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  1. The rear is the only change that looks clean and maybe better now. The front is a mess. I mean, a MESS. It looks like a design someone would come up with at school during his / her first semester. And that interior is wrong on so many levels…
    I win that car in a raffle, and I wouldn't even drive it home. I'd sell it right away. Shame on you Nissan!

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