2020 Porsche Taycan

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Finaly! We get to see official pictures of the all new Porsche EV.
And, of course, it looks great. Although not new. Since it is almost the exact same design as the Mission E concept from 2015. 
So far only the most expensive “Turbo” and Turbo S” (yes, “Turbo” for an EV…)
With 671HP or 750HP.
That crazy (mostly unusable) power comes with an equally crazy price.
$153 000 or $187 000. Which is way more than the Tesla Model S. 
Sure, it is a Porsche. It looks great and has a great interior etc…
But these prices are pretty crazy and will not be threatening Tesla any time soon.
Plus, the top EV range, so far, is around 280 miles.
Which is almost 100 miles less than the model S. 
I just wonder how the more mainstream, non “turbo” version will cost…

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  1. Probably the one for the mortals will be over $100k. It is well known that ABSOLUTELY no one needs the power that some of these cars offer. It's rather an ego trip. You know…mine is bigger than yours…

  2. A little too bulbous for my taste. Looks like a design from the 90s. And those wheels don't help it, either.

  3. The ultra rich environmentalist will be all over the Taycan! Tesla might be in trouble not updating the ModelS with more luxurious interior instead of going with the cheaper minimalist frugal look with minimalist storage compartments.

  4. I know that we have been bitching about the "new" BMW look, but Porsche seems to be in the same soup. Something different than what they have been offering for the past 15 years would have been nice.

  5. While this is a great looking and probably driving vehicle, Porsche priced it too high, and with an updated Model S coming out soon, I'm sure Tesla isn't losing any sleep.

  6. This thing needs a tiny little propeller driven by the hot air from the motor to drive a little auxiliary generator adding extra charge to the batteries…..then, and only then, can they call it "Turbo"

    Also… for grins, look at a side view of this, and a side view of the old Chrysler 300M from 1997-2003… just a little funny…

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