2020/21 Genesis GV70 interior

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This is pretty much the whole interior of the all-new Genesis GV70 SUV, except for the dashboard.
It is surprising to see so many pictures of the GV70 luxury compact SUV when the larger GV80 will be coming out first.
They look like they are both ready to go…
Since the GV80 will mostly compete with the Lexus RX ( I don’t think any German car buyers would ever consider a non-german car, unfortunately), this one would go mostly against the Acura RDX, Infiniti QX50, and Lexus NX. 
These 2 SUVs are exactly what the Genesis brand needs.

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  1. Is it just me or do the rear seats seem very shallow, it will make for a painful log trip if the thigh support is short. Other than that looks good, well the seats LOL

  2. "These 2 SUVs are exactly what the Genesis brand needs." But is it really what the Hyundai/Genesis showroom facilities need? There are already 4 Hyundai CUV/SUVs offered, two of which will seriously overlap these two Genesis models in size if not price. Maybe if the Genesis brand was fully physically separated from Hyundai dealerships (not the case in most Southern California locations) it would be fine, but the mid-large SUV proliferation between these two close-knit brands will be very confusing to shoppers.

  3. It just look like an ordinary SUV. Why isnt Genesis aiming for a look that stands out? How the heck a car brand compete with Infinti, Lexus, Mercedes and BMW and Audi and it doesnt have a niche in design?

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