2021 Genesis G80?

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These do seem pretty realistic.
Even looking like screen grabs from a video.
But it could slo be some clever 3D work…
It looks very close to the various spy shots we have seen of the real car. Although the whole thing doesn’t feel as soft or curvy as the spy shots. So who knows…

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  1. Nope, this isn't it. The body style is more rounded and the rear looks like it could be a sportsback (but it isn't). Also, there is much more bright work around the body including side vents (eyes rolling)

  2. 2004 Infiniti M greenhouse. Genesis needs work on their designs and fast. The Genesis SUVs just look like ordinary SUVs.

  3. How do you know the Genesis SUVs look ordinary when they haven't even showed them? Anyway, this is not the real thing but I do believe that it is close to what the real thing will be.

  4. I'd really have to see this thing in person. As of right now, I'm not a fan of the design from any angle. They should stick to the Vision G Coupe Concept as for styling. Dropping something that looks like this while SUVs are in is not going to do well

  5. What the hell Hyundai? You were on such a roll. The front end is blah. Grille way to big. Headlights are a joke. And why are you even bothering with the dying sedan market? You need SUVs and sports coupe, Hell the Kia Telluride looks better than the new from Hyundai or Genesis.

  6. It’s not a surprise Hyundai/genesis AND MOST other car manufacturers deliver derivative design.

    The automobile industry is truly a living example of strategic convergence. Short, now barely 4 year product cycles, designer poaching, xeroxing of best practices, platform sharing, partnerships & co-R&M are some of the many reasons we may never see a truly unique design.

    From observing their marketing efforts, Genesis wants to peddle a lifestyle but what they don’t seem to understand is heritage and legacy build a badge. There is absolutely nothing compelling about this design, features, powertrain, etc., the only selling point is the value proposition. “It’s 10k less than xyz”.

    Unfortunately, in the near-luxury and luxury space, this doesn’t cut it.

  7. This looks like a computer generated illustration; like someone tried to clean up some blurry spy shots of the vehicle. I think the real thing will look much better and more impressive.

  8. Do you know what a Green house is? I'm not talking about the headlights or taillights. I'm saying the side profile looks like the 2004 M45.

  9. Since you dont know what a greenhouse is let's put alllll the greenhouses in this list: Chrysler 200, 2019 Civic, Toyota Avalon, Ford Fusion, Audi A6, Audi A7, Hyundai Sonata, 2005 Subaru Legacy, 2006 Infiniti M, Ford 500, 2019 Accord,

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