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This is the very first picture we get to see of the all new, next generation Jaguar XJ sedan.

So far it looks good. At least what we can see. Which isn’t that much.

I have said for years the XJ should go electric. And it will. By the time it comes out, it will also compete with the new Mercedes EQS.
And of course, with the aging Tesla Model S. (which by then will be 9 years old)

Tesla has proven there is a mrket for large electric sedans. If Jaguar can come up with a great design, they could have a winner here.
“IF” is the key. There has not been a great looking Jaguar sedan in years. The current XE and XF look like much cheaper cars than they are. There is nothing “luxury” or special about them. (The XF still looks like a Subaru to me)

They really need to come up with a great design for the XJ.

On the subject of “cars that should go electric to stay alive” I think Nissan needs to turn the next Maxima into an EV sedan. Otherwise it will never be more than a larger Altima. Again and again.

Which car do you think should be re-invented as an EV?

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  1. Enough of the light piping and info screens.That is smoke and mirrors. Jaguar needs to focus on making classic styles as they did in the past.

  2. It looks as though this car looks too American made like Doge or something. Nothing smooths like the XF.

  3. I feel Jaguar is a little late to the party. This should be on sale already. Jaguar's design chief said in an interview that this is a car people will "lust after". I really hope so. His team designed the striking I-Pace and the stunning F-Type, so i trust him on this one.

  4. As for cars that should be reborn as EVs: the entire Infiniti lineup, the Lexus LS, the Ford Crown Victoria, the Lincoln Continental, all minivans and maybe the Cadillac Escalade.

  5. I would like to see Genesis G80,all Electric, Cabriolet/Coupe Full Size,"390hp"Quad Exhaust" go into production,sold as 2021 Early March at dealership, Genesis Southern Californians would love It, Immensely,Can you Dig it!!!!

  6. Tbh, the rear of the xj needs to be elongated, so that the roof doesn't come down almost to the very end of the car like a hatchback. The trunk should be clearly defined, not just a little stub. A grill update and headlight change to something like the early/mid 2000's would help give it a look like the cars of old, but hopefully something still modern. Even a complete return to the x350 styling would be great, at least with a modernized interior.

  7. Imagine the Town Car, Crown Victoria, Fleetwood Brougham, Buick Electra (perfect name) reinvented as full-sized retro sedans with thoroughly modern EV underpinnings.. would fulfill a market segment all but abandoned a decade ago! Let's face it.. nobody's getting younger, but the older population is growing and lives longer than ever.

  8. I'm a owner of a 04' xj8, and please don't ruin a classic .Stick to the script . Keep building classics

  9. I hope Jaguar doesn't follow the advice of some of the comments here. Enough with the retro crap. Most of these boomers will be in a retirement home or in a cemetery in a few years anyway…

  10. @ September 11, 2019 at 7:57 PM, let's be nice here. I'm not a boomer, much younger than that and appreciate heritage. You don't see the Wrangler looking like a jellybean Ford Focus, so simmer down.

  11. "I'm not a boomer, much younger than that and appreciate heritage"

    Well, i'm sorry to say that, but you're in the minority. The "olde-worlde" X350 XJ sold in abismal numbers, even worse than the current XJ. And if you wanna talk about heritage, Sir William Lyons would never accept this retro nonsense. His designs were always forward-looking and innovative.

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