Live pictures of the 2020 Nissan Patrol

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On these pictures, the new front end looks like it blends better with the old design. 
The previous official shots made it look quite futuristic.
I guess this is an OK revision that doesn’t cost Nissan much to accomplish.
Inside, the double screen console looks quite outdated already.
I wonder if a revised version of the Infiniti version is coming next…

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  1. This pretty much IS the Nissan version of the "Revised" Infiniti QX80. The current Armada should have come have debuted in 2011 but they kept the first gen Armada and 2nd gen QX80 a generation apart until a couple years ago.

  2. The QX80 already got a slightly revision for 2020.. some details changed on the front bumper only and i guess the eco button which already updated on tha Patrol

  3. This just SCREAMS…. Chinese knock-off…. but it isn't… so sad…. China has some good stuff coming out of it, like Buick's…. This looks ugly to me…

    the front end mind be able to pass with a C for eh… but the tailgate is a train wreck…just saying.

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