VW ID.3 Interior video

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Forget the cheezy music and just look at the really cool interior fo the new VW ID.3

Especially the one pictured above, with white and orange trim.

Really something that just a few years ago was the stuff of concept cars.

I can only think of the BMW i3 and Tesla Model3 matching how cool and simple this interior is.

Sure these other two cars are more expensive. But I think VW has done a great job here.

And in Europe, it will be a tough competitor for any sub $50 000 EVs.

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  1. Never say never, VW can always sell this in the US. Shoppers cant get the discount on buying electric.
    I guess Mexico might save them money to build it for North America customers.

  2. Yes better than Tesla 3 but doesn't that remind you a lot of Chevy EV's? I don't think it's that original.

    Exterior is fine for this class but several areas look inspired by the Leaf.

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