2020 Buick Enclave

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This is an all new Buick model for the Chinese market.
Even though it is called “Enclave”. It is not the same car as it is smaller (by about 8 inches) than the US version.
And powered by a 230HP 2 Liter Turbo engine.
For some reason, this was seen testing in Europe a while ago. which is weird since there is no connection between Buick (GM) and Opel (now PSA) anymore.
I really like the interior design. And the way the screen is integrated into the dash. Unlike new Ford/Lincoln products. This is really modern and tasteful.
There is no word so far about selling this in the US. Buick is getting the new Encore GS above the regular Encore.
Then the Enspire could be replacing the Envision. So this Chinese Enclave could very well fit between the new Enspire and the US Enclave.
And I am sure it is very tempting for GM to add yet another SUV to the Buick Lineup.
Which by then will pretty much be SUVs only. Since by that time the Regal deal with PSA might have ran out…

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  1. this thing is gorgeous… i think i want one… although not a huge fan of the buttons visible on the screen… I think physical integrated might be better than floating buttons….

    then again, it might grow on me…

  2. Vince, thank you for sharing several of these Buick refreshes (the baby Enclave, the Envision, and the Regal).

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