2020 Honda Jazz (NOT Fit)

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This is the first official teaser for the all new Honda Jazz (Fit in the US)

But, in the press release, Honda does not mention the Fit, just the Jazz.
Also mentioning the Hybrid-only model for Europe.

Which could means this is not coming to the US. Very sad news for Honda fans in the US.
And curent Fit owners who were looking forward to the all new generation.

Unless this only means the US Fit version will be introduced later? For 2021?

Not sure. But abandoning the Fit and its loyal and happy owners in the US would be a big mistake for Honda.

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  1. They've sold less than 30,000 of them in the US so far this year, I read somewhere that Honda was going to stop selling it in the US and with those sales, it makes sense.

  2. Honda has been on a huge losing streak and it's because they don't understand the US market. For instance the last fit didn't even have a real armrest on the center council. In general Honda doesn't seem to understand the US market doesn't want cars you need to step down into. Plus the CR-V looks about 5 years outdated!

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