All new VW Tacqua revealed.

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Another very generic looking design from VW.
Seen in profile, this could be anything, from any other brand, really…
This is a pretty small one. About 10 inches shorter than the already small Tharu SUV they introduced in China a few months ago. (And about 3 inches shorter than a Mazda CX-3.)
Back then, most people agreed the Tharu would make it to the US as our sub-Tiguan compact model.
Who knows now if we are getting the Tharu or this Tacqua.
The Tacqua is powered by a 1.4 Liter engine, just like our Jetta.
And its interior is also looks a lot like the Jetta’s.
I guess we will know for sure once VW finally reveals its US plans.
Just don’t expect anything nice or even modern looking, since these things all look like small versions of the “already old looking when it came out” Atlas…

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  1. VINCE. Major sigh here. This is quite literally the T-Cross with a different name and steering wheel…yet you don’t realize that at all in this post? come on.

  2. Scratch that. The T-Cross has the same steering wheel, so legit the only difference is the name. Wow.

  3. Seriously though, you used to be more on your game than this. What changed? I’ve been following you since you were thehollywoodextra

  4. That's the short wheelbase T-Cross (SAIC_VW) for China. Europe got it first, and the versions for Latin America and China had the longer wheelbase. However, since China needs always two equivalent versions for FAW and SAIC, they launched the shorter one as Tacqua (FAW-VW).

  5. Since the market has determined that small CUV's are the future, both models should be sold in America–VW has gotten way behind on subcompact CUV's in America. This one looks a bit like a Hyundai Venue but given the choice, I'd take Hyundai over VW if I was buying.

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