Better pictures of the 2020 Genesis GV80

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I am happy to say the pictures I posted a few days ago (HERE) were fake.
The new photos we have today of the 2020 Genesis GV80 SUV already look much, much better. And closer to the actual concept from 2 years ago.
The real thing is much more attractive and dynamic than the CGI illustrations.
Which is good news for Genesis.
The GV80 will be the one putting the Genesis brand on the map. Since it will no doubt quickly become the brand’s best seller. Until the smaller (and cheaper) GV70 appears a few months later.

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  1. Grille is still way too big. I'd get it if this had a V12 under the hood, but that's probably not the case…

  2. Hmm seems interesting for sure �� , but no doubt the bar is set high for the interior with the well received interiors from the Palisade and Telluride. I wonder if it'll have the v8 from the g90 ?

  3. It looks pretty much the same as those terrible pics. Grille is ridiculously big, headlights look like crap and they still can not figure out how to hide the sensors for the radar and are still using the cheap piece of plastic. It looks a little more rounded, but still Aztek level of ugly and blandness.

  4. Not exactly a looker. The gigantic grille is obnoxious and the double headlamps still look tacky. Plus, those wheels look tiny. Overall, it kinda looks like one of those generic SUVs from GTA V. This will have to compete with some genuinely attractive SUVs like the Volvo XC90 and the new Lincoln Aviator, so this just doesn't cut it. Better luck next time, i guess…

  5. You're right, Captain Midnight, it does have a whiff of Aztek to it. Maybe it's the odd stance or the goofy headlights or maybe the slightly too tall proportions (that aren't helped by the small wheels)… I'll wait until i see the car in real life, but it isn't looking very promising…

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