New 2021 Kia Optima illustrations

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It looks like someone quickly made a couple of new illustrations, following the info we got from the recently released official teaser sketches.
They more or less match the official stuff and the spy shots we have seen so far.

Although I really hope the final design is a bit more dynamic than this. The side crease also looks quite weird (although it is featured in the official sketches). Maybe that is because it really doesn’t fit with the super straight line underneath it…

Let’s just hope the real thing looks better…

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  1. I hope not. That is a very awkward character line etched into the side profile. That chrome trim that surrounds the back glass is a little busy also. I do like the Lincolnesque side window cutline though. As elegant as it is sporty.

  2. Sadly. that looks incredibly accurate. Still a nice looking sedan, but nothing to stand out against the competition. If anything, now it looks like a slightly smaller, 4-cylinder Cadenza.. which is pretty much what the Optima has always been, though the formerly distinctive styling gave it extra cred in the marketplace.

  3. Oct 31 @ 1:22 PM, no it's not. Look at the leaked picture of the front end that is everywhere (scroll down two more posts here) and you'll see that the bumper is completely different.

  4. I'd rather them build the car in the exaggerated pictures. Of course, that never happens! But they took a concept that looked really cool and somehow made it another ordinary sedan.

  5. Looking a lot less imaginative than the Sonata. Lighting treatments busier than the Hyundai too. Sure doesn't look like a hatch to me. That's a shame.

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