2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer: what a nice surprise!

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In my opinion, the new Trailbazer was one of the nicest surprise of the show.
We had seen official pictures of the RS version before. But in person, it does have quite a charming personality.
Especially, the Activ trim with its contrasting white roof.
the design, inside and out, is pretty clean and simple.
Much, much nicer than the over busy/complicated mess that is the new Kia Seltos.
Interior materials are all very nice and everything feels really solid. The rear seat is very roomy.
And you can even get a cool giant sunroof option.
This is basically the new Buick Encore GX’s cousin, so specs are very similar.
As it uses the exact same 3 cylinder engines. 1.2 or 1.3 Liter. With up to 155HP.
And a CVT for all versions except the 1.3 Liter AWD which gets a 9 speed auto.
The Trailblazer has a very nice, simple personality to it. Like it is not trying too hard like, again, the Kia Seltos.
Plus, it will start at “under $20 000”. Which is about $2000 less than the Kia…

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  1. Say what you will about the exterior, but the interior of the Seltos looks much more sophisticated and, dare I say, more premium than the Trailblazer's.

  2. No rear vents, why?
    I like the design but due to the fact that I wasted so much money in the past on unreliable GM, Ford and other American brand names vehicles, I won't be buying one of those brands anytime soon.

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