2021 Infiniti QX55

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I almost forgot about this one…
Infiniti had released a first back in August. And nothing since.
This will be a “coupe” version the existing QX50.
So don’t expect something all new. Interior should be the same as well.
The QX50 is not selling well at all and I am not sure if this slightly better looking and more expensive version will change things that much for Infiniti. 
Still. Good luck…

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  1. They need to get rid of the buzzy 4 cyl engine and CVT, and replace it with the 3.0 V6 twin turbo rear drive/awd setup through the sublime ZF 8 speed automatic. Only then will it represent anything close to a near luxury automobile.

  2. I look at the QX50 and I thought it was attractive. It has a lot of minus to this model. Has a CVT transmission and a VC engine, variable value engine, that will be hard to repair and service. Plus, the model I drove was $58K and it was not the top of the line model either. Cramp rear seating and infotainment was dated too!

  3. Infiniti really blew it big time with their crossovers. The original FX was gorgeous, a great driver, and very desirable. Then they made the second generation look like a catfish. Then they abandoned the segment, then they came up with their dumbass naming. QX50? QX80? QQX55? (not to mention the dumb powertrain and poor infotainment). So, yeah. This will be a big hit I'm sure.

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