All new Tesla Cybertruck reveal! (Finally)

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It’s actually hard to digest right this minute….
The presentation is on going. Elon Musk seems either drunk or high.
The Tesla truck looks so weird it makes you wonder if there is even a market for something like it.
Some guy hit it with a sledge hammer to show how strong the new alloy is.
This is basically a weird side show right now.
Staring the weirdest truck ever designed…
It actually doesn’t feel that modern to me. It looks more like a cheap prop from a 1980’s Stallone movie.
So far it’s hard to say if this is concept of the actual thing. And since they will have to start production of the Model Y, the Roadster and the big truck before this. It could be many year before we see it in our streets.. If ever.

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  1. The concept of a "Blade Runner" style pick up was brilliant, the execution of it was poor, this look like it could of been a prop car from many 80's futuristic movies. Also reminds me of truck drawings I made when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade.

  2. This is really incredible. With their carpenter-made prototypes, the 80's science fiction movies had really predicted our future:-) Stallone was a visionary

  3. In reference to the cheese comment, this thing will sell out in Green Bay. Can you imagine Packer fans in cheese heads driving this?
    In all seriousness though, this weird futuristic Tesla Pickup Truck looks nothing like either a conventional pickup truck or a Tesla. So many renderings did it so much better.

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