All new VW Viloran minivan coming up…

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These official illustrations from VW look pretty good and quite dynamic.
Unfortunately, they are pretty far from the real thing (HERE)
Which will just look like… a minivan. 
Still, the new Viloran is quite stylish for the segment. Which, in China, includes the popular Buick GL8.
This is a Chinese market model and is not planned for Europe or the US so far.

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  1. Look pretty sharp to me. For sure exaggerated, but maybe not too much.

    This is the best grille VW has put out on one of their ICE cars since the Arteon. Somehow, that came out as a homerun and they've been unable to transfer the design over properly. It looks particularly terrible on the new Jetta and most of their SUVs.

  2. The market for the rendering doesn't exist. Let's make a car with a Popsicle stick thickness gap between the tires and wheel openings!!!!

    Let's do it so tight, that the front wheels will have a turn of about 5 degrees before the tread starts hitting the wheel wells.

    You're a funny guy.

    Garbage like this is shown at SEMA where the industry rubes ooohhh and aahhhh over works of art that would never be day in/day out functional vehicles.

  3. If it's really a wagon with minivan design rear doors, smart! Datsun/Nissan did something similar with the Stanza wagon in the 80s. 👍

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