2021 BMW M4

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These are just illustrations, but both are pretty close to the horror that will be the real thing
(pictured HERE)

They are also both wrong. Since the huge grille on the production car doesn’t
 really have the same shape as in these illustrations.
And there are no vents underneath. Etc…

Still. There is no doubt this will be one of the ugliest BMW design ever.
I also wonder if the grille will make it to the 4 door 3 series soon after…

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  1. Thank goodness these illustrations aren’t the real car. Valuable grille space is being wasted on vents underneath. It should all be grille. Why devote 80% of the front end to the grille when you can make it 100%?

  2. I've seen the new grill on one of the SUVs. It actually didn't look THAT bad. It looked bad, but no nearly as bad as photos. But, that's an SUV.

    This looks like something the British would do. Something that they do badly.

  3. I’m first on the list in Dallas for the new M4 with Xdrive, and if it looks even close to this, I’ll buy another brand happily.

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