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 I guess this is Cadillac’s new naming convention for all their 2020 Models.
Now this CT6 is called a CT6 800t.

This is supposed to represent the torque number. But the CT6 doesn’t have 800lb-ft to torque at all. These new numbers represent “Newton meters” ratings.

This is one of the most ridiculous thing I have seen in years.
Newton Meters represent nothing to anyone. Most buyers have no idea of torque anyway.
Why??  Why???

Why is Cadillac doing this?
 What happened?

Here is the official BS explaining the idiotic move:

“The new system uses a 3-digit badge representative of torque output in newton meters (Nm) rounded to the nearest 50, which allows for simple, clear expressions of power. Starting with MY20 all Cadillac vehicles, except V-series, will feature this new engine badging.”

 I had forgotten about the new, redesigned Toyota Highlander.
Until I happened to walk by one at the Auto Show.
And it is really not a pretty sight in person.
That thick wavy line over the rear wheel was one of the weirdest thing on any car at the show.
I mean, just look at the shape of the rear doors!

The whole thing looks so weird it is disturbing…

Maybe the best thing at the show was a Honda from the 1960’s.
Such a wonderful design, full of class and personality. 

And my friend, the widow, was there, as usual…

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  1. Cadillacs are mostly sold in the US. Where Nm isn't used.

    And as I said, this will mean nothing to actual buyers. Only car nerds now about this anyway.

  2. One newton metre is the distance travelled in the direction of applied force, (ie not the perpendicular distance from a fulcrum which is the NM when used to express torque)

    Uh, MrFantaPants, please prove that only Americans don't have any idea what a Newton Meter (Metre) is. You can't and I doubt you know, even reading that.

    Cool story though. Got anymore?

    They could use this #, inch pounds, pound feet, foot pounds, etc. And no one cares.

  3. How about China, Vince? Aren't they soon the main market for the Caddies? There this trend appeared, with VW.

  4. Well Fords new crossover EV is called a Mustang Mach E, so with that styling cue, maybe that is the Supra (Highlander) edition.

  5. @anonymous, erm, it's a simple case of metric vs imperial. If you've never been outside the US, you might be surprised to learn the rest of the world works in metre: milli, centi and Newton. Only three countries remain wedded to the old system. Fantapants knows what's up.

  6. You saw 800T? I Saw BOOT. Anyway, another enormous fail by GM. Hoping they don't make it through the next recession. A irrelevant brand that is going nowhere fast.

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