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This looks fine. I mean, it does look like a Z.
Although I am not sure the Z should wear the regular Nissan face and grille. Then Z is that special Nissan model that should be different.
Just like the Mazda Miata doesn’t use the same grille that is on all other Mazdas these days.

An affordable sport coupe might be quite a challenge to get passed by the company’s bean counters.
I think the Z should be an EV. Nissan does have the technology. It seems they have been sitting on it pretty much since the first Leaf. And didn’t do much with is since.

A Tesla Roadster for the rest of us…

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  1. I agree about the EV thing Vince. It would be a great way to get people talking about the Z again and bring the Z firmly into the 21st century.

  2. Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. Nissan is too busy chasing profit margins and churning out bland crossovers to make anything exciting.

  3. Looks pretty good, but no way should it be ICE. Needs to be a Hybrid at the very least. Why invest money in the dying internal combustion platform? You can not beat electric power in performance cars.

  4. The next Z will take some design cues from the past (240Z). It will not look like this at all. If it looked like this it would not sell any better than the current Z.

  5. If sedans are semi dead, sports cars should be dead already. I always liked its design, but after looking at it and the cars surrounding it, you can't help to at least say "what is the point?"

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