Next Opel Insignia: Could it end up in the US again?

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The Insignia just received a “facelift” for the new year (Pictures HERE).
And soon after, GM announced the death of its US version, the Buick Regal.

The next generation (illustration above) will, of course, be based on a PSA platform. Probably shared with the Peugeot 508 and upcoming large Citroen sedan.
Since PSA now owns Opel.
But PSA is also now in talk to merge with FCA.

So there could be a chance for the Insignia to be back in the US.
What if PSA decides to sell the Opel brand here ?
Or what if the decide to sell Opel models as Chryslers in the US?

What do you think?

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  1. Doubtful, unless the new FCA-PSA does away with Chrysler and Dodge. If anything those brands will get some version of what is in Europe, as a proper bridging of the USA and Euro brands.

  2. That was my first thought when I heard about the merger – that cars like the Regal and Cruze (both based on Opels) could come full circle and be reintroduced here as Chryslers. Yes, yes, they wouldn't be the exact same cars, but still.

  3. There won´t be a next Insignia, Automotive News says. It will be replaced by a car with a different shape. All we know is that it won´t be an SUV.

  4. Noone’s bringing midpriced sedans here because noone here’s buying midpriced sedans. It’s basically the same thing that happened to minivans; a few remaining players dividing a slowly shrinking market.

  5. If i were GM i would only bother with the high-performance version, not to mention the Wagon version. Sales won't be significant enough, might as well only offer it as a niche. Same for Australia.

  6. Buick took the nice luxury look of the insignia and made it a middle of the road ugly looking models. On the station wagon called the Tour X, they added 3” wide black matte plastic wheel cladding to make it look off-road! LOL! Cheapen the look substantially compare to the Opel model. Buick really know how to take a great looking model and make it look undesirable!

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