2021 Genesis GV80

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These are the best pictures I have seen, so far, of the real thing. The all new Genesis GV80 SUV.
Based on a new RWD platform shared with the upcoming G80 sedan.
It will be available in January in Korea.
And a few months later in the US. 
I think this looks quite nice so far, especially inside. And could very well steal sales from the Lexus RX.
What do you think?

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  1. Looks great except for the huge plain grille. I will never understand why automakers keep going bigger on the grilles.

  2. The rear part is absolutely horrific to my eyes!
    It’s squatting more, and more wrong, than the second Taurus.

    And then there is the grille…

  3. Looks like another weird styling Japanese influences effort by Korean Genesis brand. Do not like the rear C pillar style. Lights are slits in the front! Ugh! I like the Superman logo however. Have to see it in person to make a final judgement.

  4. The inside looks nice, save for the stuck-on screen. The dull exterior styling is derivative of pretty much every other vehicle in its class. It’s as if Genesis didn’t even try.

  5. It doesn't surprise me they made the first photos so dark. They're trying to hide this hideous monstrosity.

  6. Grille is too big. Wheels are ugly. Rectangle square platic piece in middle of grille fro sensors look cheap on real car. Steering wheel airbag to fat. C-pillar treatment is ugly. Nice try Hyundai, maybe next time.

  7. It is definitely the Lexus influence. Ever since their ugly spindle started growing, so has every auto manufacturers grill designs. BMWs dual kidney design is definitely one that never should have though. The worst offender by far. The G80 looks great overall though, especially inside. I think this will do quite well for Genesis, and will drive quite a few people to the brand.

  8. Happy New Year Vince!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to much more in 2020.

  9. The infotainment screen is set back from the driver so that means it will control by knob or others interface. No touchscreen. Kind of like the RDX is!

  10. Does everyone have to use that upswept belt line/thick D-pillar design??? Based on the obvious lack of time and effort Hyundai put into designing this bland and derivative rolling eyesore, they could have introduced it sooner.

  11. no one has commented on the extra bonus fender vents. One vent is not enough for Genisys! Quad VentiPorts to cool the 3.7L Supercharged V-6!

  12. Weird droopy rear end is growing on me.. if not particularly distinctive or upscale, it's at least different. Hopefully it doesn't come off looking as cheap as the G90's grille and taillight treatments.

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