2021 GMC Yukon

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 As usual, the new Yukon is basically the exact same car as the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban (bottom pic), for more money.
And of course, it has its own front end. I have to say, this time it looks like GMC has outdone themselves.
As the new grille/front end is more vulgar than ever. This looks like a bad Chinese copy of an American truck.

 Same thing inside, where you can see the interior is also the same as the Tahoe/Suburban (bottom pic)
Except for the steering wheel and minute trim changes…

 At least the Denali version gets an all new dashboard. Which is a bit weird.

It looks a bit odd, but at least it is different than the Chevrolet version.
I think GMC really needs to use this das design in all the Yukon models, not just the Denali.

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  1. But the BMW huge grill is ugly and this isn't. Amirite? SMH!

    That front end is as silly as what BMW is doing.

  2. I like the styling inside and out then the new Tahoe! Sort of too big for me at 210” long however.

  3. I find this a very odd move. I really like both interiors, but I agree with you that the Denali interior should have just been the standard interior for all Yukons. While I really like both, I don't really think that the Denali one looks more luxurious or expensive – different and good looking sure, but not really more upscale. Maybe I need to experience the materials in person.

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