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There seem to be more and more illustrations of the next Z these days.
And a few rumors as well.

As we all know, the good old Z is really due for a redesign.
But I also think it is due for a rethinking. Something new.

This illustration is just showing us a newer version of the current design, with more current Nissan styling cues .
First, I think the Z needs to be an EV. A sporty EV “for the best of us”.

Second. Maybe it is time to rethink the “super claustrophobic interior with a tiny trunk” thing.
This is not a good time for sports cars.
Maybe a “shooting brake” design would be more appropriate in a a world where most people seem to want something more practical.

What do you think?

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  1. The Z sports cars only sell in warm climates states. Make it an BEV would be nice and expensive around same price as the C8!

  2. Most of the rumors I've seen are that the 'new' design will be retro. So I bet this will be the spiritual successor 98 concept we saw.

  3. It won't even look close to this. I heard that it is supposed to take elements from the 1990's Fairlady design. Especially in rear. And also have rounded headlights like those found in the old 240SX's. I hope it doesn't look like this. You can't slap that front end on everything.

  4. Not that they'll do it… but I'd love a EV 2-door kammback sport wagon with styling cues from the the original Z. Part of my sport wagon reasoning is for utility, the other is to have a place for a targa top to retract to… (Translating Z styling to an EV is not so farfetched when you squint at a Tesla Model 3…. just sayin')

  5. I'm shocked that Nissan is even considering releasing a new version of this, considering sports cars are a low selling segment, Nissan sales in general are down, and the rest of their line up needs to be updated.

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