2021 Cadillac Escalade

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Cadillac is unveiling the all new 2021 Escalade tonight at an event in Los Angeles.
but it loos like someone already took some quick pictures of the cars already on display.
It seems to be a “Sport” model. With more black trim everywhere and no chrome.
I really think there should be no “Sport” version of any Cadillac model and all Cadillacs should have chrome (But that’s another matter)
The total lack of chrome really does not fit the Escalade at all. And I am sure (at least I hope) other versions will be more impressive than this.
Except for the interior, the exterior displays a very serious lack of style…
By the way, I have been invited to the event and will take many pictures and videos of the new Escalade.

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  1. The front end is so bad looking!😜 No longer any bling in the new Escalade! Just plain ugly looking!

  2. The current front styling is so much better. This doesn't have the in-your-face over-the-top presence of the current model, which is the one distinguishing feature that gets people pay $20k more for it than the body-mate Yukon Denali. This looks like a larger XT6, which I don't hear anyone clamoring for. The new front styling is more refined, more subdued, and matches the other Caddy's lastest styling, but is that want anyone wants in their flashy/bling mobile?

  3. OMG, that is horrible. Slab side and clean lines are great, but this it bland and ugly. It is a sad day in America when Kia can design the excellent looking clean lines of the Telluride and have to increase production becasue of huge demand, and Cadillac makes this overpriced ugly POS.

  4. When you see this after the Genesis GV80, you feel sorry. So many years and they can't even get close to what a newcomer in the luxury field can do. Pathetic.

  5. It looks even more like a Chevy than the XT6, which is not an easy feat. It comes across as a fleet vehicle, especially in this white.

    Nice interior, but it has always succeeded in the past by bringing in-your-face styling that a certain set with money must have to garner their desired attention. Those folks have already been switching to the Navigator and this will do nothing to stop the bleeding.

    As others have said, the Telluride just brings it. I see so many of them and they look shockingly upscale. If you are trying to project a certain image, and with so many choices now available, why pay a premium for something so stale?

  6. I think most of that super blend feels is the result of that Sport version, which has no chrome.
    I am sure the regular models will look better. Sometimes it doesn't take much…

    I am soon to be on my way to the unveiling in Hollywood. And will try to report and post some pix from the event.
    (With more pix and videos later tonight and tomorrow)
    So stay tuned…

  7. How is it the Telluride and Peleside are in the same platform like Tahoe and Caddy yet the Hyundai and Kia look nothing alike? It would seem GM would be aiming to make a Chevy look nothing like a Cadillac.

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