2021 Ford Bronco Sport

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For a while, there was a rumor about this being called the Maverick.
The giant “Bronco Sport” logo on the hatch tells us otherwise…

So far, this looks really nice. Seems a bit like a cross between the old Bronco and the first Jeep Cherokee.
I believe this is based ont the new Escape.
And I think it is actually pretty smart of Ford to offer 2 totally different versions of basically the same car.
One that appeals more to families replacing a car, and one for people looking for that fake truck look and feel.
Which is OK…

This could be quite a hit. And it will be interesting if it ends up being as popular, or maybe more so than the regular Escape…

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  1. I really was looking forward for this car and although it looks nice, I'm not blown away. I will wait until I see the real thing in person. Now, I have a question. I have been reading in some webpages that this is Ford's answer to the Jeep Renegade. Is that true? I thought this car was going to be bigger than a Renegade, I thought more like the size of a RAV4 or the Escape. I don't think that being the same size as the Escape would make it competition because they would still be completely different cars. If this is the same size as a Renegade, then what size would the regular Bronco be?

  2. The design evokes the original, yet looks fresh and modern. It's much nicer than the Rav4, which will be its main competitor. I think they nailed it.

  3. This "Bronco Sport" is an Escape with a new body. Not a "real" Bronco.
    The other model coming out is the Bronco. A larger truck, based on the Ford ranger. That one will be a true off-road truck and will compete directly with the Jeep Wranger.

    Ford is trying to cash in on the "Bronco" name by calling this the Bronco Sport". And why not…

  4. The design evokes the smell of corndogs, the sound of popping balloons and the taste of creamsicles. "SALE!!" flyers overhead..

  5. If Ford gets it right, this Bronco Sport has $$$ printed all over it. Many customers who loved the boxy shape of the 1st and 2nd generation Escape and were turned off by the subsequent generations more car like look (especially the new 4th generation model) will likely love this. FCA/Jeep should take notes as this is what a modern Cherokee should be like. I can see this possibly outselling the Escape. Nicely done Ford.

  6. I guess they left aerodynamics out with the design of that front end. Pretty butch and phony for a soft roader. The trucky truck this one at least is the real deal.

    With the hood up reminds of the guy in Forrest Gump (Bubba Blue) talking about shrimp.

  7. This is honestly the death of the Escape as this is going back to the Escape's roots with a Bronco touch. Those that miss the Focus (not sure how many since the 3rd gen transmission was a bust) can get the current "Escape".

  8. The Sport is basically the modern Bronco II although its likely more a softroader but I hope Ford will equip it as least as good as the Trailhawk editions of Jeeps softroaders. Let me add that the Sport will be alot less tippy than the old Bronco II. The old II felt like it would blow over if hit sideways by a stiff wind.

  9. Very pretty! I think the baby Bronco get sales from RAV-4, Jeep Renegade, CR-V and Rogue Sport. Maybe the Discovery Sport maybe!

  10. I agree that Ford should have named this vehicle “Maverick”. My guess would be that Ford christened it “Bronco Sport” to ensure the success of the “Bronco” name. The regular truck based Bronco is a niche product at best. By developing a crossover version of it under the “Bronco Sport” moniker (which will definitely sell much better than its truck based namesake), Ford will be able to claim that it’s Bronco revival is successful due to the sales performance of the more road friendly “Sport” version propping up the nameplate.

    Design wise, I think the Bronco Sport looks much better than its awkward looking Escape platform mate. I think it will probably cannibalize some sales from the Escape. I think it will also resonate with customers who appreciate the tough off road look, but want a refined on road ride. It’s a best of both worlds proposition that will be sorely absent from the regular truck based Bronco.

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