2021 Genesis G80 official pictures.

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I have to admit, I am pretty blown away by this.
After seeing tons of spy shots and illustrations, I was not expecting much. Even something awkward.
But the real thing looks so much better than any of the photoshop stuff we had seen before.
Even the giant grille seems to work here. Everything was designed to fit together.
Same thing inside. A very modern yet very upscale atmosphere. Something very few manufacturers can do.
Maybe it is the textures, but this almost has a small Bentley feel to it. Like if Bentley was trying to make a $50 000 car.
I think this is really bad news fro the recently released Cadillac CT-5. Which, I am sure, is a good car.
But not nearly as impressive as this.
This and the GV80 really prove Genesis is a serious contender. 
Following the GV80, the G80 sedan is expected to offer the same engines. Which means 2.5 Liter with around 300Hp as the base unit. And a 3.0 V6 turbo with over 370HP as an option.
The current G80 starts at $42 500. (with a standard V6) 
Which is at least $10 000 less than the German competition. But still about $5000 more than the CT-5.
Let’s hope the new 2021 G80 can keep the price down.
This will make it a pretty tough competition.
As it is already better looking than pretty much all of the cars mentioned above…
And on top of that, Genesis recently received top ratings from JD Powers. 
They seem to be on a roll…

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  1. The grill is still a bit big for my taste, but otherwise this is a very handsome car. The interior is well-realised, too. Impressive.

  2. She’s a beauty!

    Cadillac’s designers need to take some notes. This is how you design an awesome looking luxury sedan. I don’t care how much the CT5 undercuts this beautiful new G80 on price, I would still choose the G80 over that ugly and awkward looking Cadillac anyway.

  3. The interior is really attractive. Exterior is unimaginative and garish. So many better choices in this segment. Genesis only excels in being a wannabe.

  4. Just imagine it barked close to a Mercedes E class ou a BMW 5 series… Or even an Audi A6! THIS is distinctive.
    Now just think about an Acura RLX…

  5. Well, that interior is gorgeous. Love the clean decluttered minimalist design and use of OLED screens. Looks like quality materials just like the GV80. The exterior is very nice, but falls a little short. A little plain soap bary profile, wheels are terrible, grille a little to big, the fender LEDs to long. The rear end is solid though. I brought 1000 shares of Hyundai ADR back in 2003 when they turned the corner and it looks like it is going to finally pay off. Can’t what for the bigger GV90 8-Passenger SUV. That will be my next vehicle.

  6. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I was not expecting this! I can not wait to see the real thing. Hopefully they'll show it at the NY Auto Show, if they still have it. This car is stunning! The proportions are perfect. The photoshop versions and even the spy shots didn't really show that this car could be so sharp looking. This is my absolute best design from the Genesis brand so far. And I loved the old G80.

  7. Saw the G90 in a Hyundai Showroom with the same grill as this G80. Car looks great but that front grill is horrible even though it's "original" it's too large and tacky!

  8. The current G80 is the best looking and best proportioned "mid-luxury" sedan in my opinion, and thankfully this new version is even more stunning to look at. This looks like what an Audi S7 or Porsche Taycan could be if they were primarily RWD. Now all Genesis needs is a plug in hybrid or EV version.

  9. Very good looking but I wish the roofline/ greenhouse wasn't such an obvious copy of the Audi A7.

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