2021 Ford Bronco Sport interior

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As you can see, the new Ford Bronco Sport might be based on the Escape, but it will have its own interior design.
Which is great. (Since the Escape is already sharing its interior with the European Focus)

Well, mostly. Comparing the 2 pictures above, you can tell only the top part of the dash is new. As well as the doors.
The bottom part of the dash and the console are the same. Even the steering wheel.
It also seems quite plasticky, which could be OK. Since the Bronco version of the Escape will be marketed more as an off roader/fun wannabe truck.

I actually think the added personality could make this more popular than the Escape.
What do you think?

As for the exterior, we have already seen it HERE.

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  1. Ford's interiors are approaching mid 2000's Chrysler/Dodge levels of bad. Ugly styling, cheap materials. Yet Ford continues with premium pricing.

  2. I think it's clever the way they incorporated mostly the same lower panels and made the upper ones resemble their trucks (and Jeep). If only the materials/execution were up to par with the competition..

  3. I agree that the Bronco may be more popular than the Escape. I think some people want to have some fun and look cool driving behind the wheel.

  4. To me, the interior of the Bronco Sports is even cheaper, plainer looking then the new Escape’s interior! I know it is aimed at he off-road crowd but they all like upscale features! This will turnout to be another dud for Ford!

  5. The Bronco Sport should be called Maverick or something else. The interior changes are smart, differentiating it from the escape enough with the F-150 styled top portion of the dash and vents. This model should sell very well. Ford interiors overall have lacked in the perceived quality of say its Lincoln stablemates and of the competition. Someone made a prior comment of the interior reminding them of mid 2000's Chrysler products isn't really wrong, the amount of hard plastics being used in the new models is ridiculous. Also would like to say Ford needs to get rid of Hackett, his hiring has been a disaster for Ford and its shareholders, makes me wish they could bring Alan Mulally, his demand for quality and reliability have gone out the door after his retirement.

  6. It might have a different interior design than the Escape, but the material quality still looks par for the unexceptional course.

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