2021 Nissan Kicks

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It looks like the small Nissan Kicks is getting ready for a mid-cycle refresh.
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The grille seems larger than before. And the bumper design is of course new.

A refresh might seem a bit early since we’ve had the Kicks in the US for only a couple of years. But it has actually been on sale in other countries since 2016.

It has been getting mostly good reviews. I have not driven one yet (since I haven’t been able to get Nissan cars for a while) but I hear it is a comfortable, stable and quiet small car. All for a very reasonable price.
I just think, no matter how cheap a car is, you should be able to pick more than one color inside. As the US version of the Kicks is only available with a black interior…

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  1. Nissan has become the cost-cutter brand. They're now coming out with reasonably good looking small cars but their long term reliablity has become questionable. I can't see myself having another Nissan/Infiniti ever again.

  2. the current Kicks looks fine as is. What it really needs is to ditch the crappy CVT transmissions and give it a six speed automatic and an optional 150-165 HP engine.

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