2021 Toyota Yaris Cross

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Good to see Toyota decided to give the “Yaris SUV” its own design.
Which ends up looking quite good too.

A much more conservative car than the CH-R. (no giant Toyota grille!) And, unlike the CH-R, this is also AWD.
And Hybrid. (The CH-R is also Hybrid only overseas)
As it is powered by a small 3 cylinder engine and electric motor.

It does look quite cheap inside. (on the picture above the rear doors have the basic black trim…), and it shares its dashboard (And its cheap looking tablet) with the regular 2020 Yaris.
Which is OK since it is probably pretty cheap…

And of course, this is not for us. So far…

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  1. Burlapp, the reason we aren't getting this has nothing to do with the front wheel drive only CH-R. Rather it has to do with the upcoming FTX-4.

  2. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that this little crossover turned out so well. Toyota has definitely not been on a positive trajectory with its designs for quite a while now.

    That being said, I do agree with you about the interior of the back door. Toyota should have done something to jazz it up a bit. Otherwise, everything else looks just fine.

    Given how CUV/SUV crazy the market has become in the US, it does seem odd that Toyota isn't bringing this here. I'm not sure it could be marketed as a Yaris Cross here since the US market Yaris sedan isn't related to this at all. Maybe Toyota could resurrect the "Matrix" name for it if Toyota ever decided to bring it here.

  3. Assume this is a Toyota and not a Mazda like its name mates. Interior pretty good. Exterior very good. This would actually be on my shortlist.

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