2022 VW ID.4 Coupe

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 Of course!
Since every single SUV VW maked has to have a “slightly sleeker” coupe version. Why not a “coupe” version of the upcoming ID.4 EV…

The ID.4 is based on the ID.3 hatchback, although it should be a bit larger.
Unlike the ID.3, this one (and probably the coupe version pictured above0 will make it to the US.
Starting price is expected to be around $35 000. Which would basically undercut all of its competition.
Including the Kona EV and Bolt.

Here is the “regular” version of the new ID.4.

I think in the US, its main competition might end up being the all-new Nissan Ariya.
And I think the Ariya looks much better.
Also, Nissan doesn’t have the huge image problem VW has in the US.
On top of that, VWs are known over here for not being reliable at all.
Nissan is no “80’s Mercedes”, but I reslly think its reliability is far ahead of VW in the US…

Nissan now needs to price the Ariya at around the same price. (which means a new Leaf needs to be cheaper)
It will be quite interesting…

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  1. I really want the ID.3 to come to the US but this is the next best thing. Like the Tiguan, it may be a little to long for me.

  2. I would buy a Nissan way before a VW, but I am very intrigued by the ID4. VW has said it will be smaller in overall length but offer equal room to the Tiguan, that suits my needs very well. Small footprint but all the space our young growing family needs.

    Interesting times indeed.

  3. I would gladly spend $10K more not to buy a VW. I could care less how much VW is undercutting the competition. I will NEVER support the VW Company or Group. #Dieselgate

  4. What VW image problem? Before COVID19, VW was setting sales records with their CUV heavy product mix.

  5. I agree with FFEMT6. I had a VW Golf and when I learned about VW being involved with gassing monkeys with diesel fumes, I sold my car. EV or not, I won't own another VW.

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