Mystery car/concept???

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Not sure at all what this is…
It doesn’t look like the upcoming small Alfa SUV (The Tonale)

It could very well be a study on a PSA platform? (already?)
Or small thing for the European market.

My hope it that it could be some new model for Dodge. Since the head of PSA has already mentioned they would keep every current brand alive. And God knows if Dodge needs something. Anything…

What do you think?

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  1. Dodge and Chrysler have both been neglected (although Dodge has now gone longer without any all new products than Chrysler has).

    It would be awesome to see PSA properly position and utilize these two brands in the US market. It would also be wonderful if PSA could elevate the quality/reliability ratings of all FCA brands.

    Hoping for some great things in the future for the PSA/FCA merger.

  2. The problem with introducing new models for Dodge or Chrysler is that consumers just have no faith in FCA supporting the new models. They gave up on the Dar and 200 after only 3 years, and there have been numerous other examples of short-lived models. Why buy anything new from FCA when you know it is going to be an orphan in a couple years?

  3. New Dodge Journey, but I would be more interested in seeing what they're doing with the Chrysler Portal.

  4. This picture gives no clue as to the scale. I would love for it to be a small sporty hatchback but, given today's market, it's probably a huge crossover.

  5. Since FCA owns AMC, I’m pretty sure that this is a well disguised next generation Pacer or Gremlin.

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