New sub-compact Alfa Romeo SUV coming up?

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Apparently, FCA is getting a new small Alfa Romeo ready. (Illustration above. NOT the real thing) Something that would replace the small MiTo compact. The MiTo was canceled a couple of years ago, after 10 years on the market. 
The new management at FCA realizes Alfa needs more than just 2 models. The production version of the compact Tonale is coming out soon. And this would even be smaller (And cheaper)
It’s really too bad everything has to have some SUV shape these days to exist. But at the same time, it is good to see Alfa getting more models…

As a reminder, here is the MiTo. Which was only offered as a sporty 2 door hatchback. 

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  1. It comes to something when a sports car brand only has one non SUV in its portfolio. God help us.
    This is surely one of those things, where brands are 'persuading' us that this us what we need, not the other way round. A bit like fashion.

  2. Alpha is an abject failure. Time to give up on this brand. Dodge/Chrysler are MUCH more popular – despite having products that are older than pretty much anything on the market.

  3. The MiTo was such a fun to drive car. The larger Commonrail Diesel had a lot of torque, was great to drive on German Autobahns. I had one for 4 years. Had to replace it though, because we have a diesel ban in town and since Alfa Romeo had no replacement in that size, I bought a DS3. A shame, really.

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