VW Vilaran Minivan Vs Buick GL8 Avenir

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The new VW Viloran does look quite nice. And I really think it would have worked in Europe and especially the US, if the Minivan market had stayed popular…
It is a clean design with modern VW design cues. Sure, boring. But it probably will age just fine.
This wants to be a super luxury Minivan in China. With prices starting at over $50 000!
(In China!)
And I think the interior is just not up to the price. It is basically way too close to what we have here in the (much cheaper) Atlas. And the Atlas interior is far, far from great. Or special. 

I think the new Buick GL8 Avenir looks moralize a luxury van. At least it is trying hard.
The dashboard is very original. Upscale and quite futuristic.

I am just surprised at the price of these things in China. I guess these are basically used as luxury cars for CEOs to be driven in. Or something…

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