2021 Acura TLX teaser

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This is very quick and doesn’t show much.

We already knew about the V6 and the Type S name for the sportier version.

Also, I think they missed a big opportunity by not calling this “Legend”.

Now it will just be “another Acura sedan”. Which is too bad.

Being FWD (with AWD option) I guess this would still compete with the Lexus ES.

But also with the Cadillac CT-5 and maybe even the new Genesis G80 (?)

The current Accord is already a great car. This new Acura needs to be pretty fantastic to be worth the price difference.

Especially since the base model TLX will use the same powertrain as the Accord.

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  1. Turbo 3.0T and SH-Awd. Here's hoping that will be enough for Acura to finally relive some of it's glory years.

  2. Reeeeally promising. And that sound is sexy…

    Is there word on what platform this is on? My understanding is that it's on the RDX, which was bespoke when new for Acura, and not Honda.
    Add in SHAWD and a new TT V6 and this is shaping up well.

    I love the Legend nameplate, but this is too small for it. It's better fitted for "Vigor" imo.

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