2021 Acura TLX Vs. Acura Type-S Concept

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A few more pictures of the production model allow us to compare it to last year’s Type-S concept.

And it’s a little bit disappointing. As the concept looked really nice. But at the same time, it was nothing futuristic. It looked like with just a few added details (like door handles) it could have been the production car.

The real thing looks very toned down. It just lost all the clean and crisp look of the concept.
The grille especially should have been exactly like the one used on the concept. Instead, we have this larger one which looks exactly like the one on the RDX. Surrounded by a chrome trim (or painted black on the Type-S version)

This might just end up like “another semi-luxury sedan”, which is exactly what Acura does NOT need…

Let’s hope this is a case if “it looks much better in the flesh”.

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  1. You're judging by comparing to the base-model LLX in very grainy and low-resolution photographs that mask a majority of it's lines. Leave final judgement until HQ photos are released.

  2. The teaser for the type S version showed the same style exhaust. Reserve judgement until you see the type S version, as it is quite obvious that pic is not. Still an attractive sedan though, and a huge improvement over the current TLX.

  3. This comparison makes me really sad. I have loved Acura in my whole life but this is just a very wrong and bad design for the year 2021.

  4. I don't think comparing the leaked photos you posted to the concept is right. Concept was the Type S sporty model. There are leaks of that too and it looks a good deal better.

    It has the little flourishes and trim details that bring it up to par with the concept.

    Overall proportions look damn good, and the detailing is clean, which can't be said for a lot of stuff coming out of Audi and BMW today…

  5. watered down and disappointing. Why buy this versus an Accord?
    in the blue concept, one clever touch was the use of the large Acura shield as the housing for the front sensors. Mercedes does this for their road cars as well. this was lost in the production version, the shield is smaller and is on a rectangular piece of plastic containing the sensors

  6. I wouldn't be too quick to judge. As I have seen many times, you often change your tune when better/hi rez photos become available.

    I would be willing to bet that if the production model photos were the same color car and the same hi rez/clarity, you would not be nearly at critical.

    With that said, it does seem to still be another semi-luxury sedan – as opposed to a departure from standard Acura fare.

  7. Sigh. I had high hopes for this one…

    I know it's dangerous to fall into the 'stick door handles and mirrors on it and call it a production model!' camp but when brands show off a 'concept' that's so feasible (especially for a brand looking for a renaissance) it's only natural to get your hopes up.

    I want the production-ready concept green-lit, not the concept that was completely re-concepted for production. Oh well.

  8. The production TLX is a bland Acura! The Type S Concept looks sharp! Acura screwed up…..again!

  9. Officially unveiled tomorrow. But it's safe to say Acura choked. They should have out EXACTLY the concept out. Lower trim versions could have less spoiler, but concessions on lights, proportions etc have removed the edginess of the TypeS that could have given Lexus, W, and Audi a run for their money. Mechanicals may be good, with DWB suspension…and who knows… An LSD? But this design is lukewarm at best.

  10. Every times the engineers, without reason, tune down the job of designers. It's a sort of mission

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