2021 Mercedes S-Class teaser

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At first it doesn’t look that “new”.
Until you actually compare it to the current model (bottom pic)

Still, this is a super conservative exterior design. Which is OK, since it is “the big old Mercedes”. Except I still don’t think it works well at all with the new, weird/simplsitic/semi-futuristic interior.
(pictured HERE) That interior will fit the new electruc EQS much better.

The S-class will be what it has been for year. A super luxuriuous, top of the line Mercedes. Impressive yet not as reliable as it used to be decades ago…

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  1. Love the new headlights.
    Not sure about the way the grille pushes out so much. Creates a strange border around it all, like a snout.

    I really like the interior but I'm readying the popcorn for the wild internet backlash when it's fully revealed (as if it hasn't already been deemed the worst thing ever by online angry bois).

  2. hey, maybe that interior was a decoy? because that exterior teaser? dayummmmmm. if I were a rich 65 year old divorced guy looking for tail, I'd be riding that all day. it's classy in a sleazy sort of way, if that makes sense.

    but if that interior is legit? really unfortunate. unless it looks better in real life. which seems like a stretch.

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