2021 Nissan Kicks

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The cute little Nissan Kicks has just been unveiled with some changes for Thailand. (Where it originally came out before the US)
Besides the new front end, (And rear lights) it gets a very slightly revised interior. (The shifter and its surroundings are the only new element I can see)
The big news is the standard E-Power powertrain. Which combines an electric motor with a 1.2 Liter 3 cylinder engine as a range extender. Which could be quite interesting. But will probably not come to the US since the Kicks is positioned as a super cheap thing over here (We can’t even get a choice of interior color…)
While this is coming out in June in Thailand, it should reach the US by the end of the year. 
Again, probably without e-Power…

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  1. this is groundbreaking technology. its the future of motive power. this is basically an electric car with unlimited range …as long as you have gas to feed the small gas power generating unit. Basically , the tiny/quiet/smooth gas engine does not provide motivation power to the wheels. It simply runs the generator that makes electricity for the electric motor that drives the car.
    very efficient with no range anxiety. This is an extremely efficient and green power system that can take you cross country, never stopping for long electric recharging ever. as a matter of fact, it has no electric charging capabilities or cords.
    Nissan will roll this out throughout the lineup over next 5 years and have an extremely efficient and next step/level motive power system. read about this online where its explained better than i can. videos on you tube.

  2. does anyone know if any other manufacturer offers such a system ? it seems to be a self generating electric system….brilliant!

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