2021/22 Lexus NX

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These Japanese illustrations show us what the next generation Lexus NX could look like.

And, it does look a lot like the RAV-4 based new Toyota Harrier. Except, even a bit cleaner.
It looks liek Lexus will have simpler cleaner designs for its next generations. Which is a good thing.
(They already cleaned up the RX a bit for 2020)

The current NX design is quite busy, and almost weird. Something like this would be much classier and more upscale.

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  1. Fart, usually the distance between the forward cut of the front door and the front wheel opening is a visual indicator. On FWD cars the wheel opening is closer to the door, on RWD cars it’s further away. The new Volvos (in particular their S sedans and V wagons) are a noticeable exception. They’re FWD but look RWD due to their transverse-mounted inline 4 and creative platform engineering. Still, the possibility of a RWD NX is highly unlikely. That it will be FWD, derivative and sport a ghastly nose is a good bet.

  2. This is just a render for the upcoming LQ-F.. I mean it even has the F badge and wheels and stacked exhaust.

  3. There is no Lexus LQ. It's a stupid rumor from the Toyota trademark of LQ filed in May 2018.

    That's just really a Toyota brand concept shown at Tokyo Motor Show last year.

  4. I don’t think that’s supposed to be the NX. Looks very much like the production LQ flagship, based on the LF-1 Limitless concept:

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