2021 Buick Envision interior!

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I was wondering just yesterday about the new Envision interior.
And here it is.
I think it looks very nice so far. The screen seems very well integrated into the dash design, as it should be. And the whole thing is even angled toward the driver, which is nice.
The new interior seems modern and tasteful.
The current Envision is a fine driving crossover. The next-generation ads a really attractive design. 
Again, if they price it right, this could be quite a hit.
Head over HERE for official pictures of the US version. 

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  1. Looking good; and much better inside than the outgoing Envision. I'm not seeing a volume knob though, let's hope it's covered by the steering wheel!

  2. Dash and door look nice, but more diamond-quilted seats! Aren't they passé yet?

    But we really won't know until someone gropes the lower door panels, will we?

  3. It looks like the ID.4 to me but the Chinese seem to do a good job with design, unlike their clone shit.
    You can't blame Elon Musk wanting to design his new upcoming small sedan in China.

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